Social Security Agreement between India and Switzerland

India and Switzerland have recently signed a social security agreement which is expected to benefit the citizens of both countries. This agreement will help in the provision of social security benefits to the employees who have worked in both countries during their careers.

The agreement was signed in June 2021 and is expected to come into effect from 1 September 2021. The agreement covers a wide range of social security benefits including old-age pensions, disability benefits, and survivor`s benefits.

Under this agreement, the employees who have worked in both countries will be able to combine their periods of work and receive social security benefits according to the laws of both countries. This means that the employees will not lose their social security benefits due to the lack of coordination between the social security systems of both countries.

India and Switzerland have a long-standing relationship in terms of trade and investment. This social security agreement is expected to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. The agreement will also provide more opportunities for the citizens of both countries to work and live in each other`s countries.

The agreement is particularly beneficial for Indian workers in Switzerland who were previously not covered by the Swiss social security system. With this agreement, the Indian workers will be able to receive social security benefits like any other Swiss worker.

The signing of this agreement is a positive step towards the globalization of social security. The agreement demonstrates the commitment of both countries towards the welfare of their citizens and the importance of cooperation in achieving this goal.

Overall, the social security agreement between India and Switzerland is a significant development that is expected to bring benefits to the citizens of both countries. It is an example of the increasing globalization of social security and the importance of cooperation between countries to ensure the welfare of their citizens.